Hand Fasting Ceremony review

Hand Fasting Ceremony review

When my daughter said she was going to have Jenny perform her wedding and it was going to be a Celtic type, with a Hand Fasting Ceremony, I must say I was very excited to see how this was going to be done .

Well the big day was only a day away. Jenny and Will, her husband, were introduced to me, for the rehearsal.  Will was to be the Master of Ceremonies.

They made you feel relaxed and secure in the fact that the day will go without a hitch. Jenny was very lovely and gracious, whilst Will was very attentive to get the list of things that my daughter needed him to do. He was asking questions and making sure he understood everything that she wanted to make the day run smooth.

The morning of the big day, Jenny and Will came early, so as to get things prepared. One last run through with my daughter and Will was off with clip board under arm.

I must say they both turned out dressed impeccably. The Master of Ceremonies was dressed in a very traditional red jacket, black trousers and white shirt, he looked the part. Jenny was dressed beautifully and respected the fact that they both would be captured on video at some point.

The Master of Ceremonies (Will) never faulted, he was running around making sure everything was going to plan, he was on it all day . Getting people sat down in the correct places, making sure the wine was chilled, making sure the birds of prey guy was happy. There wasn’t anything that he missed. At the reception, he was there again announcing the bride and groom, and introducing the speakers as they took their part to make the speeches’, you could not fault him, highly recommend him.

Jenny was there at the altar to marry the two newlyweds. She spoke clearly and not rushed. She just didn’t go into the ceremony straight away, she explained to everyone what the tying of the knot was and where it came from, so no one was thinking , so what just happened ?. It was a beautiful ceremony, the tying of the knot, otherwise known as Hand Fasting, was great. I highly recommend this ceremony done with Jenny. Everyone was happy in the fact they knew what was happening, because to a lot of the guests, they hadn’t heard of this before ,so was interested in everything that happened .

It is not a long ceremony, but very worthwhile.

If I was to give Jenny and Will a star out of 5, I would give them a 6 . I cannot thank them enough for what they did on the day.

It was a beautiful day without doubt.

Thank you so much

Michelle Ward

Cassi Marshals mum


Bride and Groom , Cassie and Pete

21 July 2018

Venue , Bradley Manor lincolnshire

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