Toastmaster is a general term, referring to a person in charge of the proceedings of a Public speaking event. They are appointed for many occasions including weddings, Civic Receptions, Dinners, Corporate Events, Burns Night Suppers, Product Launches and Topping Out Ceremonies.

Engaging a Toastmaster or a Master of Ceremonies at a wedding insures your piece of mind, no matter what culture, religion or custom.

Weddings are not cheap, vast amounts of time and money go into them in trying to making the perfect day a reality. The appointment of a Toastmaster allows you to enjoy your day, leaving the organization to him.

The Toastmaster will;

  • Check venue is ready, liaise with venue Manager and catering staff
  • Directs and seats guest for ceremonies
  • Ensures the correct forms of address are used and that people making speeches are put at ease
  • Organizes receiving line
  • Escort the bride and groom to the top table
  • Helps photographer/video crew
  • Liaises with musicians /DJ
  • Calls guest to wedding breakfast
  • Introduces speakers
  • Announces cutting of cake and first dance and bouquet toss.
  • Be on hand throughout to deal with any matters of concern, and ensure the day runs on time.
  • Ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time

It is important to find the right Toastmaster, you should like your Toastmaster, he should be friendly and personable, and someone you feel that you can rely on to look after you and your guest on the big day.

So whether you want your event to be formal or informal, William will listen to your needs and strive to meet your requirements, whilst remaining flexible at all times.

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