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Husband and wife celebrant team

Wedding Celebrants, William and Jenny are a husband and wife team operating between Lincolnshire England, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
While many people will have heard of a Wedding Celebrant, not everyone understands exactly what they do. There is a surprising amount of misconception, which they hope to clear up.

Simply put, a celebrant is a person who performs and officiates formal ceremonies, and whilst commonly seen at weddings, they can also conduct other services like vow renewals, baby naming and funeral rites.

The beauty of what a Celebrant can offer, is the sheer versatility to help couples create tailored, unique ceremonies that reflect their personalities and love for each other.

Husband and wife team, William and Jenny, believe that finding the right Celebrant to help you say ‘’I do ‘’ and one who understands the needs and imagination of the couples involved, is of the upmost importance.

A Celebrant is there to help the couple create a very personal ceremony, encompassing customs and rituals without the restrictions that can often be imposed by others.

To make your marriage legally binding, you will need to attend the Registry Office before or after your ceremony to sign the licence. For further information please read our blog on the difference between a marriage and a wedding.

Love and marrage

Love, Marriage and a Wedding

William and Jenny are both trained by the UK Society of Celebrants, (UKSOC) a professional body that coaches and supports it members both in the UK and overseas. The support network offered by the UKSOC allows them access to numerous resources that will help to create a truly bespoke tailor made ceremony.

All of this can only be done after meeting with the couple, getting their story, becoming creative and finding out what is important to them.

Once the magical pen begins, a story is creatively written and shared with the couple, making as many edits as required until a unique ceremony is made full of fun and love.



Should you require a Toastmaster, to help your special day run smoothly, then please have a further look on our website.

If you feel we can help you with your special day, then please do not hesitate to contact either William or Jenny for a no obligation chat to check your plans and requirements. Or complete the form below and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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