Laura and Gerard, 28th June 2019, Venue QE2

Venue QE2

Myself and husband were looking for a wedding celebrant that would give our wedding a unique and special touch. Jenny was the first celebrant we reached out to and from the very first meeting, we knew we had made the correct choice.

Jenny made myself and Gerard feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time and reassured us that everything would be perfect, even with about 5 weeks till the ceremony date.

Jenny took us through the process they follow and how the ceremony would work and asked us personal questions about how we met, how Gerard proposed and any other personal stories we would like to share. To me this was great.  We knew from these questions it was going to be personal.

After only a couple of days we received the first draft of our wedding ceremony.  It was great!! I got teary eyed reading it. There was only minor changes that we had to make and things we added and removed with the help of Jenny. Jenny was also able to provide readings and poems that would be well suited to our ceremony.

Our wedding day came around so fast – the week building up to our wedding, as many brides will know was quite stressful but Jenny was in touch to reassure that I did not need to think about the ceremony everything was in hand and let me know that she would come to see me before the ceremony.

I was in the final stages of hair and make up when Jenny came to see me, she reassured me that the room was looking fantastic, the groom and grooms men were all there.

The best piece of advice Jenny gave me was to breath, enjoy the ceremony and take my time, this instantly made me cry (happy tears).

After the ceremony all our friends came to myself and Gerard and expressed how fantastic they thought the ceremony was. They said they had never been to a service before that was so personal and uplifting. This made our day. It was all we wanted to hear.

The ceremony set the tone for the rest of the day.

We cant thank Jenny enough for all the effort she put into writing and conducting our ceremony.

Thank you Jenny!


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