A celebrant wedding in Bradley Manor, Lincolnshire.

A celebrant wedding in Bradley Manor, Lincolnshire

The planning had been months in the making and the attention for detail was amazing. The bride certainly could do the wedding plan side of things.

The venue was simply stunning and the weather could not have been more perfect.

I had arrived early to set up my little table under the arch of beautiful flowers. Plenty of water for us all and of course, tissues!

The scene set, the acoustic guitar player was given the nod from me and the bridal party entered through a marquee onto the carpet of flowers, leading up to the arch where the groom and myself were waiting.

Bride, bridesmaids, flower girls and boys

The bride, bridesmaids, flower girls and boys all looked wonderful and there weren’t many dry eyes on the front lawn of this 16th century manor house.

The couple had decided on a Handfasting Ceremony, the Celtic tradition of tying cords/ribbons into a infinity knot, and included both mothers and their three year old daughter. Once they had ‘tied the knot’ we had the excitement of the bird of prey delivering the wedding rings.

All though the saying goes, ‘never work with animals or children’, I did both this day and all went perfectly.

It was a very beautiful and bespoke ceremony, tailormade for the couple and their family and all present said how much they enjoyed it as it was quite different from ceremonies they had attended in the past.

Wedding Celebrant to write and perform your ceremony

The beauty of having a Wedding Celebrant write and perform your ceremony for you means that you are not restricted by any laws or legislation , so you get exactly what you want.

I’m so pleased to have been part of this very special day and had a smile on my face for days after thinking about the actual uniqueness and beauty of it all.

Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Pete and Cassi Marshall.


Cassie and Pete

21 July 2018

Venue, Bradley Manor Lincolnshire

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